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HOGN Electrical Group Co, Ltd, with its head office located in Yueqing Economic Development Zone, was established in 1983. It is a large non-regional group combining Research,Development,Manufacturing and Trading together. Meanwhile, it is specialized in power transmission and distribution products such as High and low voltage Switchgear, Electrical Power Fittings with ± 800kV DC or under 1000kV AC, Composite Insulators with voltage ≤750kV, Lightning Arresters with voltage ≤220kV, Disconnecting Switch with voltage ≤ 110kV, Cable Accessories, Drop-out Fuse, Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transparent Meter Cabinet etc. Under the jurisdiction of many wholly-owned holding companies, with total registered capital of RMB 200700000, HOGN has two production bases, taking up the area of 170000 square meters. Now, HOGN Group holds staff around 1000, including senior engineer of 36 and mid-level technical personnel of 100. Its comprehensive strength is at the forefront among the domestic counterparts, as well as ranking at the list in exportation.

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  • June,20,2024

    How to Choose a Factory for Electrical Switches: Key Tips for Circuit Breakers When it comes to selecting a factory for electrical switches, there are several important factors to consider. In this article, we will focus on one crucial component of electrical switches – the circuit breaker. Here are some key tips to help you choose…

  • October,26,2022

    The fuse has the advantages of simple structure, low price, convenient use and maintenance, and small size. The following are some commonly used low-voltage fuses. Porcelain plug-in fuse (RC1A) The porcelain plug-in fuse is composed of five parts: porcelain cover, porcelain low, moving contact, static contact, and fuse.…

  • October,26,2022

    A lightning arrester is an electrical device that can release lightning. Or simultaneously release the operating overvoltage energy of the power system. It can protect electrical equipment from transient overvoltage hazards. And it can also cut off the freewheeling current so as not to cause a short circuit to the system ground. An…

  • October,26,2022

    If composite insulators are to be used more widely in China, it is necessary to break through people's understanding that they are mostly used to prevent pollution flashover and to shake the dominant position of traditional porcelain and glass insulators. To achieve this goal, we need to pay attention to the following issues and continue to…

  • October,26,2022

    A lightning arrester is a lightning protection device connected between conductor and ground, which is usually connected in parallel with the protected equipment. Lightning arresters can effectively protect power equipment. Once abnormal voltage occurs, the lightning arrester will play a role and play a protective role. When…