Ball Eye

The Ball Eye, an integral power fitting, finds widespread application in electrical and power distribution systems. Its primary purpose is to establish a steadfast and trustworthy connection point for affixing conductors or cables to diverse equipment, including insulators or towers. It boasts a robust construction and employs durable materials, guaranteeing a stable and reliable connection even in challenging environmental conditions.

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Guy Clip

The guy clip, also known as cable clamp or wire rope clamp, is a device used to secure the ends of wire ropes together or to fasten them to a fixed point. It is typically made of forged steel and consists of a U-shaped bolt, a saddle, and two nuts. The wire rope is placed in the saddle, and the U-bolt is then placed over the rope and tightened with the nuts. This creates a secure connection that prevents the wire rope from slipping or unraveling.

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