Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester


33kV Polymer-housed Metal Oxide Surge Arresters

The 33kvpolymer-housed metal oxide surge arresters combines the benefits of silicone rubber material and zinc oxide resistor sheet, resulting in a reliable voltage tolerance. Its excellent sealing performance ensures moisture-proof and explosion-proof properties. With a long creepage distance, its main function is to safeguard electrical appliances from voltage-related damage. Our professional team is committed to delivering high-quality technology and solving any issues you may encounter. Feel free to leave us a message, and we will respond promptly.

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24kV Polymer-housed Metal Oxide Surge Arresters

The 24kv polymer-housed metal oxide surge arrester offers superior protection for power systems. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring its reliability and efficiency in preventing overvoltage issues. With its high flow capacity, it can effectively mitigate all types of overvoltage problems. The arrester is capable of withstanding power frequency voltage rise over a specific duration, allowing for uninterrupted operation. Furthermore, it has undergone rigorous testing to validate its durability and longevity.

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