What Is a Disc Insulator?

April 27,2022

Disk insulators are also called suspension insulators. They are actually a piece of ceramic or glass with steel caps and iron feet at the upper and lower ends, which can be used in series.




What is a disk insulator made of?


Suspension insulators are generally made of insulating parts (such as porcelain parts, glass parts) and metal accessories (such as steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) that are glued or mechanically clamped. Insulators are widely used in power systems, generally belong to external insulation, and work under atmospheric conditions. Overhead transmission lines, busbars of power plants and substations, and external live conductors of various electrical equipment must be supported by insulators and insulated from the ground (or grounding) or other conductors with potential difference.


What does a disk insulator do?


As one of the important equipment for transmission lines, suspension insulators are responsible for the important task of suspending conductors and insulating towers. Safe operation provides a reliable guarantee.


Suspension porcelain insulators are divided into two types: insulators for AC systems and porcelain insulators for DC systems. The formula of high-resistance insulating material, special umbrella-shaped structure and anti-corrosion design of metal accessories make the DC porcelain insulators produced by our company fully meet the harsh requirements of DC transmission on product aging performance.


The various umbrella structure designs of the suspended porcelain insulator provide a variety of reasonable options for the use of lines in various regions.


In conclusion


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