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Working Principle of Lightning Arrester

Working Principle of Lightning Arrester

2022-07-11 17:45:16

A lightning arrester is a lightning protection device connected between conductor and ground, which is usually connected in parallel with the protected equipment.


lightning arrester


Lightning arresters can effectively protect power equipment. Once abnormal voltage occurs, the lightning arrester will play a role and play a protective role. When the protected equipment operates under normal working voltage, the lightning arrester will not work, and it is regarded as an open circuit for the ground. Once high voltage occurs and endangers the insulation of the protected equipment, the lightning arrester acts immediately to guide the high-voltage impulse current to the earth, limit the voltage amplitude, and protect the insulation of electrical equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, the arrester will quickly return to its original state, so that the system can supply power normally. The main function of the lightning arrester is to reduce the voltage received by the protected equipment by clipping the inrush flow wave through the effect of a parallel discharge gap or nonlinear resistance, to protect the power equipment.


Lightning arresters can be used not only to protect high atmospheric voltage but also to protect high operating voltage.


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