Fuse Cut Out With Arcing Shield
11 kv expulsion fuse cutouts, 27 kv polymer fuse cutout
  • 11 kv expulsion fuse cutouts, 27 kv polymer fuse cutout

Fuse Cut Out With Arcing Shield

The fuse cut out with arcing shield serves a crucial protective role in electrical circuits, offering ease of operation and use. It functions as a disconnect switch, providing a safe operating environment for maintenance personnel and facilitating repairs. When installed on a distribution transformer, it can serve as the primary protection for the transformer, capable of breaking and closing no-load electrical lines, no-load transformers, and smaller load currents under specific conditions.

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The Advantages of Fuse cut out with arcing shield


In the event of a circuit break or abnormality, the current can escalate and potentially cause damage to critical components and valuable parts within the circuit. There is also a risk of circuit burnout or even fire. However, the fuse cut out automatically provides protection to maintain the circuit in a safe and functional state. This proactive measure significantly reduces the risk of dangerous accidents.

Wide Application:

The fuse cut out is designed to self-heat and fuse, effectively disconnecting the electrical line when subjected to overload or short circuit conditions. Its simple structure allows for convenient usage, making it a popular choice for protection in power systems, as well as various electrical equipment and household appliances.

High Quality Fuse - Copper:

We utilize copper as the fuse material due to its excellent electrical conductivity and heat conductivity properties. However, considering that copper is prone to oxidation in the presence of air, we apply a zinc plating on the outer surface to prevent oxidation. This zinc plating effectively inhibits the oxidization process, ensuring the optimal performance of the fuse cutout.

Compliance with Standards:

Fuse cut out are manufactured in compliance with industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing their performance and safety in electrical systems. These standards ensure that the fuse cutouts meet specific criteria for design, construction, and performance, providing assurance to users that they are reliable and effective in protecting electrical circuits.


Product Parameter

 Drop-out Fuse.png


  • In the high-voltage line with the load switch can play overload and short-circuit protection
  • Overload and short-circuit protection in distribution transformers
  • In the high voltage side of the voltage transformer short circuit protection, when the power line appears high harmonic resonance overvoltage, can play a role in protecting the insulation of the voltage transformer
  • Drop open high voltage fuse can be carried out with a small load on the no-load line and transformer for breaking and closing operation
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