Porcelain Stay Insulator
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  • porcelain electrical stay insulator, China guy insulator, guy insulator factories, guy insulator manufacturers

Porcelain Stay Insulator

The porcelain stay insulator boasts excellent electrical specifications, thanks to its robust internal bearing. This feature significantly enhances the reliability and safety of its operation. Additionally, it exhibits exceptional resistance to dirt and pollution, making it an ideal choice for use in heavily polluted areas. Even during thunderstorms or rainy days, the insulator remains highly durable and reliable, ensuring efficient power transmission without any concerns of leakage or damage.

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Good Sealing Performance:

The porcelain stay insulator is crafted using a blend of silicone rubber and composite material, resulting in exceptional sealing performance and outstanding electrical insulation. Its versatility allows for application across various industries, including automotive and industrial sectors, and it can withstand extreme temperatures.



The porcelain stay insulator features a compact and lightweight design, making it highly convenient to handle and install. Its anti-dirty design reduces the need for frequent cleaning, while the shockproof silicone appearance enhances its durability. Additionally, its small volume and light weight contribute to lower shipping costs compared to other alternatives.


Strong Resistance:

With resistance to chemicals, moisture, and UV light, it is particularly well-suited for outdoor use. Furthermore, its lightweight and flexible design ensures effortless installation and maintenance.


Superior Electrical Performance:

The porcelain stay insulator is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional electrical insulation, guaranteeing optimal power transmission while minimizing the potential for electrical leakage.


Resistance to Pollution:

The porcelain stay insulator is specifically designed to withstand and resist dirt and pollution, making it an ideal choice for applications in areas with high levels of pollution. Its robust construction and materials ensure that it remains unaffected by environmental contaminants, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


UV Resistance:

The porcelain stay insulator is designed to be highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, ensuring that it remains unaffected by sunlight exposure. This UV resistance prevents degradation and helps maintain the insulator’s optimal performance over time.


High Mechanical Strength:

The porcelain stay insulator is meticulously engineered to withstand and endure mechanical stresses and heavy loads, ensuring its structural integrity remains intact. This robust design enables the insulator to maintain optimal performance even under challenging conditions.


Professional Certification:

We are proud to hold certifications for ISO14001 Environment Management System, ISO45001 Occupation Health & Safety Management System, and ISO9001 Quality Management System. These certifications serve as a testament to our commitment to maintaining high standards in environmental management, occupational health and safety, and product quality.


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