HRC Type High Voltage Porcelain Fuse Cutout

The HRC type high voltage porcelain fuse cutout consists of three main components: the fuse, the shell, and the support. Its primary function is to prevent overcurrent in electric circuits, ensuring the utmost safety for individuals. Notably, the fuse reacts faster as the current increases, making it highly secure for use in high voltage or high current environments. The use of porcelain and stainless steel materials further enhances its quality and durability.

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PRW Type High Voltage Porcelain Fuse Cutout

The PRW type high voltage porcelain fuse cutout is a vital component for protecting power products from damage caused by over-voltage in a power system. It features a high-quality outer protection layer that ensures exceptional air tightness. Moreover, the ceramic sheath possesses excellent electrical resistance, ensuring the smooth operation of the electric circuit. This cost-effective and convenient solution is highly suitable for outdoor environments.

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Fuse Cut Out With Arcing Shield

The fuse cut out with arcing shield serves a crucial protective role in electrical circuits, offering ease of operation and use. It functions as a disconnect switch, providing a safe operating environment for maintenance personnel and facilitating repairs. When installed on a distribution transformer, it can serve as the primary protection for the transformer, capable of breaking and closing no-load electrical lines, no-load transformers, and smaller load currents under specific conditions.

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35kV Drop-out Fuse

The 35kv drop-out fuse is equipped with a stainless steel cover, which offers excellent corrosion-resistance and heat-resistance properties. This feature provides a significant advantage, ensuring the durability and reliability of the fuse cutout. The cover plays a crucial role in protecting transformers or lines from short circuits, overloads, and switching currents. Unlike non-professional manufacturers, we are highly experienced and capable of producing fuses that can be used for extended periods without any issues.

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RWG Type High Voltage Porcelain Fuse Cutout

The RWG type high voltage porcelain fuse cutout is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for long-term use. Its simple installation process adds to its convenience. With excellent conductivity and a sensitive response capability, this fuse cutout delivers strong performance. The copper contact effectively prevents overloading or short-circuit currents. Additionally, high-quality silicone is incorporated, providing resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

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