High Voltage Porcelain Spool Insulator
High Voltage Porcelain Spool Insulator, porcelain spool insulators, porcelain reel spool insulator factories
  • High Voltage Porcelain Spool Insulator, porcelain spool insulators, porcelain reel spool insulator factories

High Voltage Porcelain Spool Insulator

The high voltage porcelain spool insulator stands out for its excellent insulation capabilities, thanks to its delicate technology and consistent performance. Moreover, its manufacturing time is shorter compared to other types of insulators, making it a popular choice among the public. The insulator boasts exceptional strength, surpassing that of other insulators by multiple times. Crafted with high-quality porcelain, it effectively prevents corrosion and dust accumulation.

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Shockproof & Durable:

The porcelain spool insulator is specifically engineered to withstand and absorb shocks and vibrations, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial environments. Its robust design ensures reliable performance and durability, even in harsh conditions.


Corrosion and Dust Resistance:

The porcelain construction of the insulator provides inherent resistance to corrosion and prevents the accumulation of dust, ensuring exceptional longevity and minimizing maintenance needs. This feature enhances the insulator’s performance and reliability over time.


Porcelain Body:

The body of our porcelain spool insulator is primarily made of porcelain, which is a highly effective insulation material that can withstand shocks. In addition to being lightweight, porcelain offers superior durability and wear resistance compared to plastic materials. It exhibits remarkable tolerance to both high and low temperatures, thanks to innovative engineering. Furthermore, porcelain is inherently resistant to dirt and stains, ensuring that the insulator remains clean and functional over an extended period.


Wide Application:

The porcelain spool insulator is primarily utilized in industrial applications, particularly in power systems, due to its exceptional shockproof and insulation properties. It plays a crucial role in ensuring safety during accidents or electrical mishaps. Additionally, it is commonly employed in telephone poles to facilitate the efficient and secure transmission of power without any leakage.


Professional Experts:

Our company boasts a team of over 100 professional experts who are well-versed in the field. We take pride in having a wide range of products readily available in our stock. Whether you require a large or small quantity of products, we are equipped to accommodate your needs. Our team of experienced professionals possesses extensive knowledge and expertise, enabling us to provide you with top-notch service and guidance.



  • Electrical Insulation: It means that the insulator forms a good insulation between the current-carrying conductor and the ground, and different voltage levels require different insulators;
  • Mechanical Connection: Also known as mechanical fixation, it means that the insulator should be able to firmly support and fix the current-carrying conductor.
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